Clothing Tips

Organic is safe and healthy

-Go for organic cotton because it is safer and free from harmful chemicals and toxic pesticides. If you do not prefer cotton, there are other organic options like Hemp, Linen, Silk and many more. There are even more impressive, and cruelty free man made sustainable materials out there like Tencel, Econyl, Pinatex etc.

I can only afford synthetic cloths

- If you do decide to choose synthetic clothing, look out for the following features in the products:

Easy care, wrinkle-free, shrinkage-free, water repellent, anti-odor. These features are mostly only possible with chemical applications.

Wash, Wash, and Wash!

-Wash new clothes before wearing them. This helps to remove most of the chemical irritants and loosen dye transfer which reduces the chances of severe and minor allergic reactions. If you wash most of your food before eating, you should probably do the same for your clothes!

Re-use your clothes.

-Consider using used or second-hand clothing. We understand this is not for everyone (especially when underwear is involved!). However, reusing clothes reduces the need to constantly manufacture new clothes every day. So if it works for you, visit that thrift store today, or wear that sweatshirt longer!. Our planet needs responsible fashion, not fast fashion.

Our Opinion Piece

You should know that while single chemicals may not endanger your health, the cumulative effect of multiple chemicals mixed on the same clothing can have disastrous consequences on your health. It is counter-productive to wait until you or your beloved has a medical condition before changing the products you buy. Yes, organic cotton costs slightly more. On the flip side, it is more cost-effective to be in good health than to recover. Remember, this is all a gradual process. Start your healthy lifestyle one day at a time with one piece of clothing at a time. It is all about responsible fashion for your health and our planet