Why choose organic?


Do you know that organic cotton is highly beneficial to the environment when compared with synthetic, because it consumes 91% less water, has 62% lower energy demand, has 46% lower CO2 emissions, and causes 26% less soil erosion than conventionally grown cotton? In addition to that, organic clothing also encourages the preservation of marine and wildlife, and generally promotes a more eco-conscious and responsible fashion industry. Another vital fact is that organic clothing is better for our health and our agricultural environment (workers especially). At DesignHeights, we understand that these impacts are necessary for you and the world. If you are prone to rashes and skin irritation, DesignHeights is a great option for you because our products are free from pollutants and are organic. Considering this, we "grade" our products based on their impact it has on you, and your environment. This is called the "Green Grade" that you might see on our product page. 

All our products adhere to a minimum standard of 9 out of 10.